Trend or tragic: Vanessa Hudgens' Coachella wardrobe

Vanessa Hudgens is always a celeb fixture at Coachella festival in America, and she's not let us down this year, hopping about in three outfits so far and letting herself be photographed WILLY NILLY.

Lovely stuff.

vanessa hudgens at coachella

On the first day of the festival, Vanessa opted for a print dress, orange hat, wellies and... er, stockings.

As much as we appreciate the fashion statement, we reckon we'd love this look even more if she lost the stockings and went for either bare legs or opaque tights.

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vanessa hudgens at coachella with boyfriend austin butler

Day 2 saw some similar headwear (her hat wardrobe is probably bigger than our entire flat) with ankle boots and a sheer frock - which we LOVE.

We're betting boyfriend Austin Butler is a big fan too.

vanessa hudgens at coachella festival

Temperatures must have risen over the weekend, as the next look V-Hudge was working was a fair bit skimpier, but still sticking with her boho/hippy style.

What do you think of her Coachella wardrobe? Any favourite outfits so far?

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