Love or loathe: Selena Gomez's peep-toe lace effect knee high boots

Selena Gomez has been snapped this afternoon leaving El Capitan Theatre in LA, wearing a floaty black dress with some glitzy embellishment on her jacket, and some boots that have divided the Sugarscape office.

selena gomez knee high boots los angeles

They're knee high, they're lace-effect, and they have peep-toes.

Some of us feel like there's just too much going on for a pair o' boots, and if either the lace or the peep was gone they'd be crackin'.

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selena gomez knee high boots

Some of us think the others should shut the hell up and that they look awesome on Selena, but would probably look a bit ridiculous if a mere mortal such as ourselves tried to wear them.

Most importantly, what do YOU think?

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