Miley Cyrus jazzes up her pilates outfit

There was a panic stricken moment in the Sugarscape office this morning, as we couldn't see any new pictures of Miley Cyrus leaving her pilates class.

"What has she DONE?" we wondered. "Has her blended finger required more medical attention? Is she off partying instead? Is she... she can't be.... she couldn't be.... having a day off?!"

But never fear, the snaps of Miley leaving pilates soon popped into our lives - like they have done every single day for what feels like the past decade.

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miley cyrus heads to pilates

This time, however, in a dramatic turn of events, Miley changed up her outfit a little.

Going from the usual white vest, grey cardigan and full leggings or jeans, Miley's mixed it up with a striped top, pendant necklace, and reversable cropped-leggings.


miley cyrus pilates with new trousers

What do you think of Miley's more colourful pilates gear?

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