Justin Bieber's hairy ball & leopard print shoe

Justin Bieber's been involved in a lot of wild antics in his time, but none, we imagine, as crazy as the accessory he brought out with him to KIIS FM's Wango Tango (well with a name like that...) this weekend.

justin bieber kiis fm

So there he is, swaggering around on stage, pulling up his keks after the bum-flashing he did earlier on, just hanging out with his BIG HAIRY BALL.

Why? what is it?

Is it some kind of ballsy trend that we haven't cottoned on to yet?

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justin bieber

Maybe it's a hair-locket, and it's full of Selena's hair. Or something less grosse.

The shoes, however, we can definitely get on board with.

justin bieber at kiis fm wango tango

The whole outfit's actually pretty bodacious - apart from the weird ball.

Any wisdom?

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