Katy Perry talks about the world seeing her makeup free!

If we had it our way no one would ever see us without makeup ever. And we’re not being melodramatic when we say we look like this without it:

So we give a solemn nod of respect to Katy Perry who will brave letting the world see her (utterly beautiful) bare face in her upcoming film, Part of Me.

Speaking to Wild 949 about the reaction to her lovely make-up free face, Ms. Perry said: "I took my make-up off! Oh, everyone is screaming around the world: 'The horror'.

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"Look, I don't always want to look bloated with zits, but it's real, it's human, right?”

True that Perry Berry, and what a lovely human you are.

"We're not always so pretty and sometimes that can bring people together."

We’d be inclined to agree Katy, but when we go out looking like the first picture (go on, scroll up, terrify yourself again), people just throw crucifixes and holy water at us.

Do you wish more celebs would be honest about what they actually look like underneath all that makeup?

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