Rihanna goes shopping in sheer dress & a hoody

Being Rihanna, this woman is basically allowed to do anything she damn well wants, and if she wants to float about Manhattan in a see-through swishy skirt and boob tube that you can see her nipples through, then she bloody well can.

rihanna out shopping in new york city

If it gets freezing cold five minutes later and she has to wrap a grey hoody around herself and trudge back to her snazzy car, then she can damn well do that too.

rihanna out shopping in manhattan

Oh, and if she wants to team the whole thing with some Converse high-tops, obviously that's totally cool.

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Isn't it?

Katy Perry went out in a towel yesterday, so pretty much anything goes.

Rihanna and Katy Perry's big lesbian love story continues

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Erm, so Rihanna wants to watch Cherl Cole bend over

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