Miley Cyrus wears bra and uses Liam Hemsworth as shield at Australians In Film Awards

Miley Cyrus decided to wear a dress that mainly consisted of a bra to the Australians in Film Awards with Liam Hemsworth.

It kind of looks like it started as a boob tube with a strapless bra and it’s slipped down until her bra was on show.

But we know Miley too well to think this was a wardrobe malfunction.

She knows full well her boobs are on show…

Miley teamed the dress with ankle strapped platform heels and wore her hair sleek and straight.

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We think it’s a good job Liam was there to help her cover up on the red carpet.

When she leans into him like this, it kind of looks like a normal dress.

Miley while you’re there, maybe just undo a few more buttons?!

They’re such a good-looking couple it makes us feel a little bit sick inside.

What do you think? Comments please!

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