Miley Cyrus tweets new blonde hair!

Miley Cyrus has tweeted pictures of her new blonde bobbed hair!

We’re used to seeing Miley with light brown locks, so does this mark the return of blonde Hannah Montana?!

Miley tweeted: ‘Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo’

miley blonde tweet miley blonde tweet

Later on, Miley tweeted another photo to show off the bobbed style.

She tweeted: ‘girls day with gorgggg’

We don't know who 'gorgggg' is, but we're loving the hair cut!

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miley blonde tweet car miley blonde car tweet

When Miley went to pilates on Friday her hair was pulled up in a topknot, but you could see her dark roots and dyed brunette tresses.

We wonder what prompted the drastic change. Do you think she wants to be blonde when she marries fiancé Liam Hemsworth??

miley pilates

What do you think of her new hair? Comments please!

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IMAGES: WENN & Twitter

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