Danielle Peazer's got new straight hair!

Everyone knows there's no news like hair news, and Danielle Peazer has had what we might even refer to as A DRAMATIC HAIR-OVER. *serious faces*

Known for her gorgeous curly locks, Danielle's recently been wearing her hair straight. Ish.

Yeah, we know. Why hasn't this been on Question Time?

danielle peazer with new straight hair

She was snapped returning from a romantic break in Venice with Liam Payne today, with her hair long and wavy - and seemingly a little dip-dyed / ombre-d?

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Obviously, this massively suits her too, and we're loving her sultry new look - and the dog.

danielle peazer straight vs curly hair

But let's be hnest, she could probably shave it all off and get a tattoo of a crying bulldog on her head and still look great.

What do you think of her barnet?

LOOK it's Danielle dancing for THE FRICKIN' QUEEN

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Pics: Wenn / Instagram

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