Demi Lovato's unicorn hair at Teen Choice Awards 2012

The Teen Choice Awards is where all the celebrity types that we've ever written about gather in the same place and shmooze the hell out of each other. It's a glamorous event where everybody looks their best and probably smells amazing. It's full of shiny skin and glossy lips - and Demi Lovato's unicorn hair.

demi lovato at the teen choice awards 2012

We're not even gonna talk about the dress just yet, we're too drawn to the barnet. What the frick is going on? We're all for a high ponytail, but this is EXTREME.

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If she whipped her head back and forth she could probably decapitate everyone within ten feet of her.

demi lovat at teen choice awards 2012

Being big fans of The Lovato, she obviously looks beautiful - but we're just compelled to stare at this ponytail and ask a million questions. How much hair is there? How LONG is the wrapped-bit? What even IS the wrapped bit? Is it hair wrapped around hair? Is it a scarf-thing?

Who's to say. We're very confused.

How do you feel about it?

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