Rihanna sacked by Nivea for her crazy bad behaviour

Rihanna has reportedly been sacked as the face of Nivea because of her bad behaviour.

RiRi starred topless in a series of ads for the skincare company’s 100 Years Skincare for Life campaign.

But now, according to The Sun, the new head of Nivea’s parent company, Beiersdorf has done a complete U-turn and decided she’s not appropriate for the family orientated brand.


Stefan Heidenreich said: "The advert starring Rihanna was a no go. I do not understand how Nivea can be brought into association with Rihanna.

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"Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability.”

Well, maybe don’t get her to pose topless then?!


At the time of the 100 Years Skincare for Life campaign, a representative for Nivea, Markus Pinger, said: "We are excited to have Rihanna supporting us in our celebration and building a new generation of fans."

But supposedly it’s Rihanna’s recent bad behaviour that’s made them rethink the ads.

We can’t possibly know what they mean…


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