Jessie J dazzles in two catsuits at Olympics Closing Ceremony

For many performing in a nude catsuit in front of billions of people would be the stuff that actual nightmares are made of.

Not for Jessie J though, she had the guts to embrace the camel toe twice at tonight’s Olympic Closing Ceremony. She’s a greater woman than we’ll ever be.

For her first performance Miss J turned up in the stadium in a Rolls Royce wearing this flesh all in one, covered with black sequin details.

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Ah, look how happy she is to be exposing herself to the world.

After an awesome performance with Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz the J-ster reappeared to have a sing with Queen, this time in a still nude, but gold sparkly catsuit.

Hello Jessie Va-jay-jay.

So camel toe and bravery aside, which was your favourite outfit?

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