Lady Gaga in lime green jacket & round glasses in Germany

Lady Gaga has dyed her hair brown and adopted a more natural makeup look since announcing her new album ‘ARTPOP’.

But wearing a lime green jacket with gold buttons and matching round sunglasses to sign autographs in Cologne, Germany, Gaga proves her wardrobe is one area she won’t be toning down any time soon.

Lady Gaga

She wore her new brown tresses twisted into an intricate topknot and it seems she’s dyed out the blonde streak left in her hair when she dyed it brunette a couple of weeks ago.

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Lime green might not be an obvious fashion choice, but it’s fast becoming one of Gaga’s favourite looks.

When she stepped out in this dress a few months ago, we couldn’t help but think she looked a bit like Kermit the Frog.

Lady Gaga

Well, you’ve got to get your fashion inspiration from somewhere right?

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