Once we’d stopped jumping up and down with excitement over these pictures of Cheryl Cole holding hands with dancer Tre Holloway in London, we realised she was wearing a date outfit.

We don’t know about Cheryl, but for us dressing for a date means HOURS or even days planning the perfect outfit.

So what has she chosen and why?

Cheryl Cole

Well, she wore a black leather pencil skirt, which is very sexy but still ladylike as it stops past her knees.

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Her top is sheer and another nod to sexy vamp, but its high cut and sheer pink panel keep Cheryl looking modest.

She wore smouldering smoky eye makeup, but wore her hair up in a cute high ponytail.

Cheryl Cole

She cleverly added a nude lip-gloss, you know, the kind you can do loads of snogging in without leaving lasting evidence on your face.

So there you have it, Cheryl wanted to look sexy but in a modest, ladylike way and was ready for snogs.

What do you think? Comments please!

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