THE WEEK'S WORST DRESSED: Nicki Minaj vs. Francesca Hull vs. Emma Watson & Ezra Miller

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There has been a hell of a lot going on this week, and while that has paved the way for some pretty awesome clothes it has also let a few nasties slip through the net. Say hello to Nicki Minaj, Francesca Hull and the combo of Emma Watson and Ezra Miller.

Take it away brave yet foolish dressers…

Nicki Minaj turned up to the VMAs in this frilly, lace, all-in-one monstrosity. Oh and she threw in a matching hat, how kind. We don’t like how the red detailing going between her legs brings our attention to her vajayjay; in fact she kind of reminds us of a lewd pearly queen. Like this we don’t.

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Here’s Francesca Hull wearing a massive tent with some pictures of diamonds on it. There’s little more we can say about this other than, DEAR GOD IT’S AWFUL WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING?



If she was alone we maybe could have handled Emma Watson’s bright, multi-tonal dress, but with Ezra Miller and his offensive garb standing next to her both of them have descended into fashion hell. We get it, they’re trying to be a bit quirky, but nah. Just nah.

So who do you think deserves to be named this week’s worst dressed, tell us now please.


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