The Week's Worst Dressed: Lady Gaga vs. Elle Fanning vs. Nicki Minaj vs. Kelly Osbourne

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With London Fashion Week drawing to a close we have seen some bonkers outfits going on in the world of celeb, but a seat on the front row is no excuse for shoddy dressing and the time has come to name and shame the week's worst dressers. 

This week's culprits are an odd bunch but nevertheless we will be nominating Lady Gaga's pantomime camel ensemble, Kelly Osbourne's bruise-like eyeshadow, Nicki Minaj's hip-hat and Elle Fanning's school uniform for the coveted crown of questionable taste.

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Nicki Minaj

Although we like the all over print on Nicki's outfit, the addition of the hat seems like a slightly strange choice. Mainly as she's not even wearing it on her head. We like trend-setters and all, but are not sure the hip-hat is going to catch on any time soon.

P.S. Why didn't anybody tell her she was wearing odd shoes before she left the house?

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Kelly Osbourne

We geniuinely love Kelly's outfit, she's got pink deer on her top for goodness sake! But what we can't quite get our heads round is that pink eye makeup.

Was it meant to go that far up her face or was she in a bit of a hurry and accidentally slapped a bit much on in the dark before she went outside?

Either way it's quite a violent shade and we're finding it a bit creepy, even if it is crazy fashionable enough to get her onto the FRow at London Fashion Week.

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Lady Gaga

Well this is just bizarre isn't it? Once again Gaga has gone for the zany option and turned up at LFW dressed as some sort of pantomime camel. To be honest we have no idea how she was expecting to fit into her seat in that one. Maybe she was expecting an entire row to herself?

Then there's also the rude word on her bag and that bit of tinsel stuck to her finger to think about.

Either way, we don't fancy being the arse end of that ensemble.

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Elle Fanning wears her school uniform to London Fashion Week

Elle Fanning is usually one of our biggest fashion crushes, but what possessed her to turn up at LFW in her school uniform and tartan headband, we really don't know.

We know she's young and all, but that tunic and shirt combo she's wearing is bringing back some horrible memories of the lumpy custard we were practically force fed at primary school.

But who do you think takes the crown for the week's worst dressed?

Comments below please!

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