Jessie J's style overhaul in pictures

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Jessie J has undergone a major style overhaul recently.

Gone are the fringes and catsuits, instead Jessie’s wearing both her skirts and her hair long.

Jessie was so determined to change her look she even ditched her stylist in favour of Reggie Yates' brother Cobbie's more feminine style choices.

So has it all paid off?

Jessie J

Lets compare some of her old and new looks and decide, shall we?

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Jessie J

Round 1: Chat Shows

When Jessie J appeared on The Graham Norton show earlier this year she had all the classic Jessie J style boxes ticked.

Fringe, leggings, 80s style, platform boots.

Jessie J

But when she appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man last week there was no sign of lycra.

She wore a checked suit with loose fitting trousers and jacket.

Her hair flowed down in loose curls.

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Jessie J


Round 2: Red Carpet

Jessie J used to love catsuits (and leggings / crop top combos) so much, she’d even wear them on the red carpet.

Jessie J

Now, you’re much more likely to see Jessie smouldering from behind her equally parted hair with an eye-wateringly high split up her skirt.

Angelina would be proud.

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Jessie J

Round 3: Stage Outfit

Catsuits were made to be worn on stage (probably) and they were ideal for all that running around the stage Jessie likes to do.

Jessie J

When Jessie performed at the iTunes festival a couple of weeks ago she wore a sheer skirt with a split.

This picture is a little misleading. We were at the gig and within five minutes she’d changed into trainers and by the end of the show she’d whipped off the skirt to run around in those hotpants underneath.

But she looked feminine to begin with.

So what do you think of Jessie’s changing style? Comments please!

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IMAGES: PA & Twitter


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