Christina Aguilera's pink & purple colour changing dip-dye

Christina Aguilera was spotted out with a bright pink and purple dip-dye last week.

But now just days later it’s gone all bright pink.

So we wonder if it’s like some kind of mood ring that changes colour depending on Christina’s mood?!


Here Christina is out shopping in LA.

Her dip dye is a light lilac colourn fading in to bright pink.

She’s got a grin on her face and she’s just been shopping, so this must be her happy colour.

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Here she is on her way to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch with her son in LA.

The lilac is gone and her dip-dye is all bright pink.

She has a child in tow so we reckon she’s less carefree. This must be her mum-mode colour.

On a side note, is she wearing the same shirt but turned inside out? That’s a sneaky way to get away with not doing your washing.

What do you think? Comments please!

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