You're probably wearing your bra wrong. Fix it with these bra-fitting tips

Buying a new bra can be a bit of a nightmare. Whether you’re stealthily holding up the different cup sizes over your boobs in the shop, or getting fitted by a trained shop assistant, you still need to know how to spot when a bra is fitting you properly.

We’ve been given some insider tips by the top bra fitters at Curvy Kate.

Have a look and see how your bra fits… you should be able to work out if you’re wearing the right size in no time.

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1. No slack in the back!


- Always start with the back band on the loosest hook. It will loosen with wash and wear so you can wear the hooks on tigher settings as this happens.

- If you can pull it away from you back more than two inches and the back band sits in an upturned 'U', it's too big. It needs to be firm to give your boobs some support! Try going down a back size until it sits in a horizontal position.

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2. Strap happy


- Tighten your straps so that two fingers fit comfortably underneath. Only 20% of the support should come from the straps - the back band needs to do most of the work.

- If you're left with red marks from your straps at the end of the day, you need more support from the band back. Give your shoulders a break and try a smaller back size.

3. Check your wires


- When trying on a bra remember to lift any breast tissue out and up from the underwires to make sure everything is in the right place. Then check that from your underarm, all the way around and in between your boobs the underwire is sitting flat.

- If your boobs are escaping from the sides, or top of your cups and your boobs are pushing the wires out it could mean the cup is too small.

Er, we've ALL been wearing them wrong at Sugarscape. Off for a fitting pronto! Did the tips help you out?

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