Tulisa's The Female Boss clothing line for Bank Fashion - first look

Tulisa launches her debut fashion line for BankFashion at London’s Westfield today, but we can’t be arsed trekking through the puddles in the cold, so are gonna marvel at the pieces from the comfort of our wheelie chairs in the office instead.

The official line is; “Fun and sexy, TFB by Tulisa is full of attitude, featuring colourful statement fabrics, edgy detailing and luxe materials.”

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tulisa contostavlos debut fashion line bank fashion

“The range features bodycon dresses, skater skirts and dresses, cropped jumpers, leather shorts, leather jackets, hooded dresses and a variety of colourful prints and fabrics. Tulisa enjoyed designing the first range so much that she is now beginning to think about her second collection with Bank, which is expected to extend to shoes as well.”

tulisa bank fashion range

“In the past I wasn’t that interested in fashion,” says Tulisa. “But being on The X Factor has made me become much more aware of own my personal style. To me, fashion is about having fun and experimenting and wearing what makes you feel good.”

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tulisa bank fashion clothing range

“Girls often ask me where I get my clothes so I thought I’d create my own collection, something that’s fun, feminine, full of attitude and that reflects my personality.”

tulisa clothing collection

We’re loving the look of this red playsuit (if that’s in fact what it is). Tulisa, be a love and take a picture standing up in it so we can see it for all its glory?


TFB by Tulisa for Bank is available exclusively at BANK Fashion stores and online at bankfashion.co.uk from October 19th.

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