Kim Kardashian's peplum dress for Rome date with Kanye West - love or loathe?

Kanye West has earned himself some major Boyfriend Points by whisking his lady Kim Kardashian off to Rome for her 32nd birthday this Sunday.

We say “whisked”, but we’re pretty sure they had to do at least a bit of queueing for airport security like the rest of us do, and the plane may have got delayed on the track for a while or something, so really it was probably more like “slowly plodded away.”

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kim kardashian kanye west date in rome green peplum dress

ANYWAY, as if we weren’t jealous of her adventures already, Kim’s naturally bringing out pieces from her gorgeous designer wardrobe every day, and last night opted for a green peplum dress for a date in the city.

Keeping her hair wavy, loose and femimine, Kim’s dress made a statement enough to warrant going practically accessory-free, with not even a handbag in tow. Unless all her bits and pieces were in Kanye’s Ross-Gellar-trousers, in which case HELLO MORE BOYFRIEND POINTS.

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kim kardashian kanye west date in rome hotel lobby

She paired her frock with simple black strappy heels, and wore a gold cuff over the sleeve (which eyebrows have been raised at in this office) to finish off her look.

What do you make of Kim’s date dress?

We can’t stop daydreaming about stroking her hair. Sigh.

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