Katy Perry gets political with rubber dress in Las Vegas

It’s been so long since we’ve seen Katy Perry in a rubber body-con dress we’d feared there’d been some kind of traumatic fire at the plastic factory and all the frocks had ended up in a giant melted down blob.

BUT NEVER FEAR, she donned another one to perform at the America Forward Grassroots event this week, dressing herself up as a human ballot, showing her support for Barack Obama in the US Presidential Elections.

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katy perry rubber dress barack obama ballot

She arrived on stage wearing a very Jackie O-esque blue suit dress, which we’re guessing was made of secret Velcro panels and was quickly ripped off to reveal her rubber number.

katy perry blue suit dress

We’re all for showing your support to El Prez, but we’d probably find a less sticky-sweaty-hmygodimstuckinthisdress way of doing it.

What do you think of K-Pez’s rubber revival?

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