Katy Perry & Shannon Woodward are Daria & Jane Lane for Halloween - pics

Katy Perry’s normal non-Halloween clothes are usually pretty “out there” as far as fashion goes. We’ve seen her dress as a human ballot, stick cupcakes on her boobs, pop out of a giant clam and become a Hershey’s Kiss, so we were expecting pretty big things from her on an evening where fancy dress is mandatory.

katy pery shannon woodward daria fancy dress halloween costumes

K-Pez and her BFF Shannon Woodward went to Maroon 5’s party as Daria and her BFF Jane Lane, getting every part of the costumes spot on.

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Who the frick thinks of going as Daria? This is brilliant – not least because she’s one of the few girls (further reading; Lucy Spraggan, Holly Willoughby) to not go out dressed as a big ol’ slutbag on fright night, which is always nice.

katy perry and shannon woodward daria jane lane halloween costume

With everything edged in black, Katy and S-Woodz looked every inch the cartoon characters.

What do you think of their costumes?

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Pics: Wenn / Twitter / MTV

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