Little Mix's Jesy Nelson detained at airport over handbag

Poor Jesy Nelson has revealed that she was left mortified on the way home from Australia last week – when she was detained by airport security because of her spiked handbag. OOPS.

The Little Mix star was stopped from going through the gate to board a plane with her band mates because airport staff mistook her spiked clutch bag for a knuckle duster. Oh c’mon – we know she’s feisty but we doubt Jesy has resorted to carrying around ACTUAL WEAPONS.

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She told a newspaper: “I had a clutch bag and it’s got loads of spikes on it and they thought it was a knuckle duster, so they were like: ‘You can’t go through’.

“Then they said we need to search you and I got hauled away and questioned while the other girls were all boarding the plane."

Poor Jesy. We get embarrassed when the airport scanners go off because we forgot to remove our belt, so we don’t blame her for being mortified. Never nice to be treated like a crim, is it?

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Jesy added: “I was there for over half an hour and the man was saying to me ‘This could be a weapon’ and I was saying, ‘No, no, it’s my bag’. I mean, I just love spikes, I wear them on loads of things."

Jesy Nelson's handbag disaster

 To add insult to injury, the security guard then had a little dig at Jesy’s high-street purchase. "He said, 'Well, if it was the real Alexander McQueen you would have got it through, but it’s not,' said Jesy. “I got left behind in the name of fashion.”

Pahaha. OH GAHD.

What do you make of all this?

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