Danielle Peazer goes blonde - and looks hot

If we had a big red stamp that said BREAKOVER, we would be stamping it all over this shizz. Danielle Peazer has gone from brunette babe to blonde bombshell.

She revealed her dramatic makeover on her Instagram and the news quickly spread across Twitter. Well, we say revealed, we mean showed a very small amount of actual hair, and instead a lot of hat and red lip. Hottieeeee.

Danielle Peazer Blonde

Danielle’s potential post-breakup makeover is a little more delayed than Liam Payne’s, who drastically shaved his whole Barnett off soon after splitting from Danielle.

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A girls just gotta have a fresh start sometimes innit.

Danielle is a big fan of experimenting with her look, having already made the move from a full head of curls to sleek and straight whilst still with Liam, and has clearly now decided that the theory of blondes having more fun needs to be tested.

We can’t wait to see a proper pic of her new look. We’re gonna guess that she looks super fit.

What do you make of Danielle’s exciting new image?

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