Do it yourself: Leopard Print nail art

Now that it's getting into winter time, we're so bundled up in knitwear that it's a becoming a bit of a challenge to see out of our coat. But thermal knickers aside, winter fashion doesn't have to mean sticking to plain and boring colours, so why not give your nails a bit of a revamp using our step-by-step guide for easy peasy leopard print nail art.

How to: DIY Leopart print nail art

You will need:

A base colour of nail polish - the brighter the better.

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A black nail art pen plus one other colour that goes with your base coat

A chocolate biscuit (it's important to keep up your energy levels, duh)

How to: DIY Leopart print nail art

Step One: Start off by painting your nails with your base colour. We've gone for a hot pink as it makes us feel like we're frolicking with flamingos in Zanzibar (opposed to hitting the supermarket in search of a bar of own brand chocolate, as per usual).

Step Two: Using your chosen coloured nail pen, draw small circles onto your nail. We went for gold and found it best to make irregular shaped blobs, with generally about four to a nail. It doesn't matter if there's a bit of space in between as when the polish dries, it generally spreads out a bit anyway.

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How to: DIY Leopart print nail art

Step Three: When that's dry, grab your black nail pen and carefully surround the coloured circles leaving small gaps between the lines. We generally do two or three black bits to a blob. If there are any gaping areas of base coat, just add some individual black dashes here and there for an added leopard effect.

Step Four: Chuck on a layer of top coat et voila - fierce nails to jazz up your daydreams.

How to: DIY Leopart print nail art

All the products we used for this came from the fab NPW Nail Art range - we adore their nail polishes that double as nail pens and you can find both the Black and Gold 3-in-1 pen set (RRP £7.50) and the Rainbow Brights set (RRP £9.95) at Topshop!

What do you think of all that then? Will you be giving it a go?

Comments please..

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