PU panelled coats: save spend splurge

One good thing about the British Winter - apart from legitimately being able to eat our own body weight in mince pies - is that it means we can get a brand new coat to keep us cosy.

This season one of the hottest trends when it comes to over-wear is PU panelling - which we originally thought stood for 'pretty underarms' or something like that, but is actually an abreviation for Polyurethane, a material. Shexy.

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pu coats

Anyway - there's a huge range of jackets and coats featuring the funky panelling look - so many, in fact, that when we started searching we felt as though we were drowning in a sea of polyurethane.

With that in mind, we scoured the shops to find you three LOVELY options, so that you can get involved in this trend whatever your budget.

Yep, whether you want to save, spend or splurge - we've got the coat for you. Ready?

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pu coats save spend splurge

This Red Herring khaki and faux leather jacket from Debenhams adds a funky twist to the camo trend, without breaking the bank. Also, we imagine the sleeves are wipe clean, which could come in handy with all those winter colds going around. Debenhams, £39.99


ou coats save splurge spend

Mixing PU sleeves with a faux fur collar, this ASOS coat manages to hit two trends all at once. OK, so it's not cheap - but you'll be wearing it ALL Winter. (That's what we're going to tell our mums anyway). ASOS, £95.00


spend save splurge

Whether you're a big money wheezy who fancies splashing the cash, or looking for Christmas list ideas - this Zara coat is a MUST BUY. We love it, we love it, we luuuurrrrve it. Zara, £129

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