Rihanna doesn't go naked but wears 'Chris Brown's necklace' to Nude launch

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Seeing as we're pretty sure we've seen Rihanna naked, topless, and flashing a bit o' the sideboob more than we've seen OURSELVES in the buff, we imagined the launch of RiRi's new perfume 'Nude' would have been full of more naked Rihanna skin than our brother's bedroom walls.

But QUELLE DOMMAGE, she's clothed - and pretty sweetly and angelically too.

rihanna nude fragrance perfume launch macys

Our favourite rude gal rocked up to the Macy's launch f her new scent in a floaty, white lace skirt, teamed with a cream vest that rocked a sweetheart neckline.

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OK, so we can kind of see what looks like some skimpy hotpants underneath, and her black stillies are all kinds of fierce, but this is pretty demure for RiRi, wouldn't you say?


rihanna necklace macys launch nude perfume

Yes, we know we may go on about it a tad, but we will contonue to have an opinion on this cretin of a man, who strangled Rihanna almost to the point of unconsciousness in 2011, after beating her repeatedly while she sat in the passenger seat of his car.

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Anyway. Rihanna tweeted a pic of herself wearing this necklace yesterday, suggesting she'd received it as a gift from the man who attacked her and threatened her life with his fists.


Let's look at Rihanna on the same plane we were on once, that was much more cheery than all this ex-boyfriend stuff;


Rihanna tweets pic of herself wearing nothing but a 'gift from Chris Brown' (a necklace, not a black eye)

Rihanna posts topless pic of herself - denies other topless pic is her. So there.

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