Christmas gift lust list: Fragrances

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As well as swanning around in novelty jumpers, eating our own body weight in mince pies and generally ounging around in our pyjamas and watching Elf on repeat, Christmas is also about PRESENTS. YES IT IS.

So, for want of a heavier wallet or more bulging dressing table, we've compiled a list of our favourite fragrances that we've been spritzing around the office this year. If you're looking for a gift or to be gifted with an awesome scent, start your search here...

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First off is office fave, Anna Sui's Fairy Dance.

anna sui fairy dance perfume

DON'T BE PUT OFF BY THE CRAP NAME, it's actually gorgeous. We call it 'orange groves' at Sugarscape HQ, which should give you a pretty clear indication of what it smells like.

Whenever we stick this on we're always complimented about our sweet aroma, and the office supply is running low - we'll definitely be stocking up on more for next year.
£24.99 for 30ml from The Perfume Shop.

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Next on our lists is Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur.

rebl fleur rihanna perfume

This woman locked us up on a plane for the best part of ten days, yet we STILL want to smell like her. Reb'l Fleur's subtle, spicy scent with what we're told are "topnotes of berries and plum," RiRi's fragrance is perfect for a night out.
£29.50 for 50ml fragrance, 90ml body lotion and 90ml shower gel from The Perfume Shop.

If Rihanna doesn't do it for you, maybe Britney's more your kinda gal.

britney spears fantasy perfume

Fantasy's not her newest fragrance, but it's our favourite from her bunch - and let's be honest, there's no point buying one of her new ones when this one's still around, still awesome, and probably cheaper. We're doing you a favour here.

Sweet and fruity, Brit's aroma makes us feel like we've rolled around in a giant bag of jelly-tots, and works as a fresh day scent or a long-lasting fragrance for the evening.
£22.99 for 30ml from The Perfume Shop.

If you're not keen on as sweet a scent as Britney, Lacoste's Joy Of Pink might be more up your alley.

lacoste joy of pink fragrance

Said to be inspired by a Curacao cocktail, this'll leave a whiff of grapefruit and peony in your trail, and maybe even make you skip about somewhat strangely like that lovely girl in the advert does.
£24.50 for 30ml.


marc jacobs dot perfume
Marc Jacobs' Dot will be firmly thrust into the faces of present buyers, if for the amazing packaging alone. The jazzy bottle looks so awesome we've kept our empties hanging around just because we reckon we look impressive, and the smell ain't too bad either; jasmine, coconut water and orange blossom are at the heart of this solid fragrance that even made our mum say "Oh, you smell nice love."

£65.50 for 100ml fragrance and 100ml body lotion

Let's stick with this trip down Designer Avenue and talk about Vera Wang's Princess next.

vera wang princess perfume

We would describe this scent to you, but the press people have called it "radiant and whimsical" - which is just too good a phrase to leave out. Packed with vanilla, exotic flowers and succulent fruits, spray it behind your ears so it's the first thing people get a whiff of when they hug you.
£33.50 for 30ml


diesel perfume loverdose
Definitely a fragrance for the night, Diesel's Loverdose is strong, heady and SEXY. Mandarin and Star Anise are the main players in this bottle of joy, ideal to spritz on before a party - or to catch a certain someone's attention.
£28.50 for 30ml.

Right, this next one is Sugarscape Editor's fave, Ralph by Ralph Lauren.

ralph by ralph lauren

Musk and white iris smush together to make this fragrance a clean, fresh, sweet and fruity dreamboat of scented joy. We've never worn this out and not had someone tell us we smell like heaven, and this failsafe bottle of bliss is remaining a permanent fixture on our dressing table.

FINALLY, we'll finish off with Girlfriend from Justin Bieber - which some people have told us looks like a sex toy, but we'll shush them off to the naughty step.

justin bieber girlfriend perfume
The flavours that went into this fragrance are making our bellies rumble; pear, mandarin, strawberry and blackberry have been swizzed together to create a fresh, crisp waft about the Sugarscape office.
£23.50 for 30ml and 100ml body lotion.

Will you be asking for any fragrances this year?

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