Anne Hathaway goes backless for Les Miserables UK premiere with Amanda Seyfried

The ladies of Les Miserables stepped out in the British frostbite last night in BARELY ANY CLOTHES AT ALL for the UK premiere of the flick.

Yes, we know we sound like their nans, but they're almost frickin' naked and we're shivering enough as it is under our three reindeer jumpers.

Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks bravely plastered some grins to their icey faces in Leicester Square.

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les miserables uk premiere

All in pretty, er, "different" frock choices, Anne showed off the strong skin that cold seemingly can't penetrate through as she waltzed around in a totally backless number.

Luckily a photographer took an artsy black and white shot of her, so it was all worth it in the end.

anne hathaway backless dress les miserables uk premiere

Enjoying the nobbly bits.

Who wins the frock off for you?

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Check out the Les Mis trailer HERE

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