Christmas gift lust list: BEAUTY PRODUCTS

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As self confessed total beauty junkies, the main features on our Christmas list this year will be loads and LOADS of products. Ah, sweet lotions, potions, powders and preening tools - how we love them so.

We've put together a selection of our favourites for you to email over to / printout and shove in the face of someone who's responsible for making you happy this Chrimbo - and y'know, if anyone wants to send anything over to us that'd be great too. Ta.

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First up is practically ANYTHING from the Anatomicals range, please.

beauty anatomicals moisturiser and body scrub

Their fun packaging makes us giggle when we're in the shower (and who doesn't like to laugh while they wash?) and the products are a fruity dream; the moisturiser makes our face smell like an orange garden, and the grapefruity scrub gives us a zingy wake-up call in the morning. More of these please Santa, mate.

While we're at it, if our skin's looking luscious then it'd be a shame if we were let down by crap hair - this is where Fudge can come in:

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fudge christmas gift sets

Containing Fudge Head Shine - to add gloss and tame flyaways; Hot Head Whip - a heat defensive product that'll keep your style in place for 24 hours (appaz, we always tend to go to sleep rather than waiting it out); and Glitter Blast Spray - which is pretty self explanatory, this is one hairy threesome we DO want.

Another hair based treat comes from Leo Bancroft, in his cute and bargainous gift sets, containing everything you need for your hair to shine bright like a diamond;

leo bancroft gift bag

Also, if you've got room in your sack (steady on), the Elemis Freshskin gift set would be bloody marvellous, ta.

elemis beauty products christmas gift set

Containing exfoliating face wash, peachy gentle face wash, moisturising serum, daily moisturiser and night-time moisturiser that smells of a lavender frickin' MEADOW, it all comes in this natty little bag which makes the wrapping process a whole lot easier. So really there's no excuse, is there?

But if a whopper of a gift set can't quite be stretched to, fair enough. We'll happily make do with this one wonder-product from Philosophy:

philosophy cookie shower gel shampoo
One bottle that can serve as shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, the cookie-licious (totally a word) scent lingers on your skin for the rest of the day, and almost made us want to eat our own arms.

Not to be used on an empty stomach.

Another almost edible piece of beauty delight comes in the form of Clinique's gorgeous Chubby Sticks:

clinique chubby stick beauty

In Chunky Cherry and Whoppin' Watermelon, these sweet treats sound almost as lush as they look. Moisturising lip balm with a subtle hint of colour, perfect for when you want to put on enough make-up to look like you're not wearing any at all.

Which we ALL do. Don't pretend.

BUT, for the producty gift that keeps on giving (to you, nothing noble or moral about this), and if you're up for a fairly big ask - get someone to sign you up to Glossybox:

Glossybox is a beauty product subscription service. For £30 a month you get a speciallu selected box of beauty goodies sent to your front door, with an RRP of over what you've paid. You can sign up on their website and tell them about you and your skin and your life and stuff, and they do the rest for you! GENIUS.

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boots 17 ultimate collection
Boots 17 have got some awesome gift ranges out this year, our faves being the Ultimate Collection (above), containing every single thing you could ever need in your make-up bag. If you've decided 2013 is time to start fresh and overhaul your essentials, they're pretty much all accounted for in this box. Shadows, blush, a base, eyeliner, brushes... you get the idea.

In a similar vein is their Nail Decoration Kit:

boots 17 nail decoration kit
Containing gems, stickers and polish as well as all the natty scissors and tools you need, it's basically a one stop shop for nail art fun. AWOOHOO.

Boots are also sticking this cute Minnie Couture kit - a dinky pampering set to treat yourself while you've got all the time off over the holidays. LOVE.

minnie couture


If glitz is your "thing", then you can't go far wrong asking Santa for this Sparkler set from Frontcover cosmetics;

beauty cosmetics frontcover eyes sparkler
Jazzy nail polishes and shadow with some cute pots of glitter dots and shimmering sparkle, the kit comes with applicators and sealant gel to make sure your glitz doesn't end up around your ankles before you've even left the house.

Finally, if there's just one product you should get - or you're looking for a stocking filler / secret santa, The Body Shop's tea-tree concealer is a winner;

the body shop tea tree concealer

The tea tree works to help fight the blemishes or spots you're trying to cover up, and it's made using no animal products and without any animal testing.


Right, we've got a minor case of the shakes after eyeing up these delicious goodies. What beauty products are you dreaming about this year?

Let us know, innit.

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