The Week's Best Dressed: Cher Lloyd Vs. Taylor Swift

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This week has seen a healthy mix of fashion WTFs (Little Mix and your denim, we’re looking at you), and fashion OMGLOVEs - the best of which came from Cher Lloyd and Taylor Swift this week. Join us for a little fash off, wont’ you?

Who do you think should take the coveted Sugarscape Think You’re The Best Dressed Celeb of the Week award?

taylor swift

Taylor Swift went for Sex and The City chic as she pranced around outside her Manhattan hotel on Monday, looking super glamorous and lovely. Her gold leaf prom dress with sticky-out skirt was fit for a princess, and teaming it with a gorgeous white coat made sure she was warm and cosy, but still looking beaut.

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taylor swift shoes bag

She teamed her ensemble with matchy matchy gold accessories and peep toe shoes. FESTIVE.

cher lloyd

Cher Lloyd showed up at Q102’s Jingle Ball on Wednesday. She was also loving the gold, but put a very different spin on it. Her cute embellished mini dress looked like the inside of a malteser which is always a good thing, and pairing it with a fluffy yellow gillet sounds like it would be horrendous, but actually looked gorgeous.

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cher lloyd

We mostly just loved her AMAZING sparkly trainers though, which added a fun edge. And comfiness, can’t forget the comfiness.



Who wins your fashion vote this week?

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