Demi Lovato's given us loads of nail art inspiration

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We've become a little obsessed with nail art recently, and Demi Lovato seems to be no different. She's taken to Twitter to post loads of her jazziest designs, giving us loads of inspiratioNAIL ideas.

demi lovato nail art

Also, Demi's not particularly lenghty in the talon area, so these cute designs can clearly work on thos eof us with long, luxurious claws, or little bitten-away stumps.


demi lovato nail art blue and gold

This blue and gold design is one of our faves - so simple, but very striking.

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demi lovato nail art red and black

Similarly with this design; just paint a base colour on and then layer a dark colour on over the top, starting slightly further up the nail.

Why did we never think of this?!

demi lovato ombre nail art

Ok so these look a little trickier to do ourselves, but they're nice to look at.

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demi lovato nail art studs


Nail gems are a HOOT but we never really know where to stick 'em. Probably just gonna copy this now, thanks Demi.

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demi lovato nail art spikes


The spikes are a little aggressive, but we imagine Demi has poeple who will do the picking-up-of-things and putting-on-of-tights for her so she won't snag them on anything.

Nice life.

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demi lovato nail art studs


Some more studly designs to pinch for ourselves.


demi lovato studs nail art

What do you think of Demi's designs? Any you'd try out for yourself?

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Pics: Twitter

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