Kristen Stewart's crazy see-through dress at On The Road premiere: Love or Loathe?

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We. Love. Kristen Stewart. It’s a simple fact that she’s been Girl Crush Number 1 for a while now, but when she wears ensembles as weird as this, it’s like she’s testing our dedication to her. Is this a test K-Stew? IS IT?!

kristen stewart

Kristen arrived at the New York premiere for her latest release, On The Road, in this pretty outrageous transparent dress, covered in a floral pattern of neon beads, worn over the top of a metallic crop top and high waisted hotpants. We can’t even believe what we just described. Is it amazing, or is it hideous? Help us, fashion gods.

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kristen stewart

From the back, the dress looked just like any other. But from the front...AGH.

The greatest mystery of all, is that she managed to wear this bizarre outfit, and still looked AMAZING. What. How is that even possible?

kristen stewart

We are however, definitely sure that we are in love with her bright orange neon heels which co-ordinated perfectly with the detailing of the dress.

Her makeup was beautiful and fresh, with strong dark brows, subtle contouring, bronzey eyeshadow and a soft pink lip colour. Tres purdee and natural to contrast with the space age dress.

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Let's watch a video of Kristen at the Snow White premiere to remind ourselves that we will never doubt her. Unless she snogs her director again. Then we might question things.



We really need to know what you think of this one, Scapers. Are you loving or loathing it? HELP US DECIDE.

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