Winter skin saviours - keep your skin looking hot when it's cold

This freezing weather has made us all feel a bit like we need to stick our faces into a giant bowl of oil to stop them drying out. Harsh temperatures outside teamed with central heating and a generally more exciting intake of food around the winter months can make your skin dry out and flare up, so it's important to keep moisturising.

To prevent our faces from ending up in our laps, we've scoured the shelves for the best lotions and potions to help us out during these cold months.

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dry skin moisturisers

Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula range is a thicker cream than usual, and has been created to restore very dry or itchy skin - the lower legs in particular can become itchy during the drier months, so apply generously to avoid.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter is an all year-round winner, and soaks into the skin quickly leaving you soft and fresh all day. Johnson's have brought out an extra-rich body lotion to keep us all away from the flakes this winter - and the best news is these are ALL under a fiver. Huzzah.

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winter skin facial moisturisers
If you find your face drying out, Eucerin's Replenishing Face Cream has been formulated for skin that feels dry, tight and itchy, replenishing the natural protection barriers your skin loses when it's cold outside.

The Body Shop's Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder Mix contains a podwer that you mix with a small dab of serum, and pply to your skin before moisturising. The injection of Vitamin C is said to leave your skin as glowing as you are in the summer months.

If you've got an oily complexion that just feels a little tighter around the winter months, Nivea's Daily Essentials Day Cream is lightweight yet hardworking.

winter skin handcreams
Finally, thre's no point smothering yourself in thick creams and lotions if your hands feel like sandpaper, and Johnsons's 24hour Moisture will see you soft all day, while Simple have come up with a formula for very dry and sensitive skin to rid you of any roughness, and Boots' own hand and nail cream is perfect for those on a budget.

What are your skin saviours during winter?

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