Travel beauty products - 7 that saved us on the 777 tour

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Sometimes our favourite beauty products are insanely unaffordable - or just tragically too big to take anywhere outside your house. It's a crying shame. A few weeks ago we were locked on a plane with Rihanna on her 777 tour, doing 9 flights in 9 days, sometimes not washing properly for a while due to limited hotel stays, and generally trying not to be too disgusting.

These miniature beauties saved our skin - literally - and as well as being the perfect size to take everywhere with us, they're an affordable way of owning our favourite products.

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First up is the ultimate lip saviour, Carmex lip balm:

cherry carmex

The tingling sensation when applied lets you know it's working, and this little tube of joy stopped our lips from drying out when they were thrust infront of weird plane air-conditioning for hours on end.

Similarly for our faces, Anatomicals' The Hottie Tottie is Never Spottie for Pores and Phwoars sorted us RIGHT OUT. The citrussy smell is fresh and sharp, and kept us awake after four days of no sleep at a time.

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anatomicals spotty tottie

Also from the Anatomicals range, Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It - body scrub, was an exfoliating treat the few times we got a shower. The exfoliating wonder with a grapefruity scent left us invigorated and totally clean.


St Ives Facial Scrub - without a doubt the best face scrub we've ever used. It's important not to use a harsh scrub like this every day as your skin needs to pop out its natural oils, and over-scrubbing can actually lead to MORE spots and greasiness.

st ives facial scrub 30ml travel size

But this little gem 2 or 3 times a week will leave your face soft and your cheeks stroke-able. Result.

When we didn't have a sink or a shower to hand, Witch's facial wipes were our cleansing haven. The witch hazel prevents breakouts and blemishes, and the wipes were so saturated we only needed one to do our entire face thoroughly, unlike some other brands where you'll need 2 or 3 wipes per 'sesh.'

witch hazel wipes

When we hadn't seen a shower for a few days and were well within a very strong chance of becoming total Greasy Susans, Batiste's travel range saved us from the humiliation of looking like we'd stuck our heads in a chip pan.

batiste wild minis

Giving us a volume boost as well as faking a freshly washed barnet, the cute mini sizes mean we can have one in our handbag at all times for fear of a greasy moment. Amazing.

Although when we did get to use actual shampoo, Organic Colour Systems' diddy sized moisture boost shampoo and conditioner sorted us right out.

organics minis

We're the types that usally go through enough conditioner in one wash to condition a small town of dry-haired folk, but a little went a long way here and we were smooth and shiny once again.

So there we have it, a small bag o' tricks that saved us from descending into a bleak, bleak state.

What are YOUR beauty faves?

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