Ella Henderson goes for green shiny satin in Ireland

Now that Ella Henderson's bagged herself a swanky record conract she's got plenty of reasons to be flapping about the streets of Ireland with her hands in the air - and not least to show off her wonderous outfit.

ella henderson green dress RTE

Ella turned up for a TV appearance on RTE's The Saturday Night Show wearing an A-Line satin frock with lace detailing, teamed with a cropped leather jacket and her trademark opaque tights and heels.

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Keeping her hair in her mahoosive beehive bun, Ella showed off her embellished collar on Instagram and made us all jealous of our rubbish collars covered in black-bean sauce from last night.

ella henderson embellished collar

We're loving Ella's look as usual, and will keep trying to do her eyeliner flick until we stab ourselves in the ee with our liquid liner dag nammit (which, let's be honest, has already happened a fair bit).

What do you think?

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Look, here's Ella being all lovely and chatting to us after she got booted off the X Factor;


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Images: Wenn / Instagram

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