DIY Nail Art: Twinkly Christmas Trees

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If there's ever an excuse for sticking glitter and sparkles to every inch of your body it's going to be at Christmas.

So with the big day just around the corner, why not have a go at our easy peasy guide to perfecting the most festive nail art this side of Santa's grotto?

In fact, it's so snazzy, we reckon Father Chrimbob himself will be rocking this look.

Do It Yourself Nail Art: The sparkliest Christmas trees around

You will need:

Two shades of nail polish - one of which needs to be green enough to pass as the Christmas tree.

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A clear polish or top coat.

Nail gems or a gold polish for the star.

Glitter - if you don't have fancy nail sparkles, the stuff you'd use on a Christmas card is fine.

Nail brushes / Santa's Little Helper - a mum or bribed younger brother will do just nicely if no elves are available.

Do It Yourself Nail Art: The sparkliest Christmas trees around

Step One: Start off by painting your nails with your base colour. We've gone for Essie's Navigate Her, which comes out as a cheery mint green. The key to nail art is to let each layer dry before adding a new colour so once that's all set, you need to outline your trees using the dark green shade. We're using Topshop's Fallen Leaf as it's got a lovely metallic shine to it.

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Step Two: If you're a pro then feel free to free hand the triangular trees onto your nails. We have hands like hams so generally find it easier to use a fine nail art brush or to just bribe our mum to do it for us - a delicate paint brush will also do the job just fine. To make it as symmetrical as possible, start with a vertical line extending three quarters the way up the centre of the nail. From there you can complete the sides of the triangle; fill in the whole area and voila.

Do It Yourself Nail Art: The sparkliest Christmas trees around

Step Three: Now comes the fun part; decorating the tree. To start grab a clear polish and dot a bit on the top of each triangle. Add a gem and press down to make sure they stick firmly. We've gone for gold ones out of NPW's awesome nail gem set and are also using sparkles from their nail glitter set for the next step. If you don't have any gems a sequin will do fine and failing that, a blob of gold polish will do the trick.

Step Four: Next up, carefully apply a layer of clear polish to the trees. Carefully sprinkle a layer of glitter to each nail and gently press it into the polish to make sure it's all stuck down. Shake your hands off and wipe away any excess to make sure it doesn't get stuck to the lighter part of the nail. When that's all dry, cover the entire nail in a layer of top coat and there you have it - the sparkliest Christmas trees in town!

Do It Yourself Nail Art: The sparkliest Christmas trees around

The polishes we used for this came from Essie (£8.79) and Topshop (£5.00). NPW do awesome nail art sets, which we used for this look. We love their Nail Gem Wheel (RRP £2.95) and Nail Glitter 5 Pack (RRP £2.50). They also do a nail brush pack (RRP £5.95).

So what do you think - will you be trying out our festive look? What Christmassy nail art will you be rocking instead?

Comments please!

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