Slap bang in the middle of London Fashion Week, the city is set to have its very first plus size fashion weekend, aimed to ‘enhance, educate, empower and support’ Britain’s plus size fashion industry and customers. Wahey.


The event is being held by Trapped in a Skinny World Boutique & Evolve Media, who have joined forces to create the brand new event to encourage fashionistas to celebrate the curves of the UK ladies, as well as their fashion designing talent.

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The weekend will be the biggest plus sized fashion event in Britain to date, and will include features in its schedule such as a styling masterclass, panel discussions about the industry and most importantly, fashion shows, which means lots of clothes to feast your eyes on. Lovely jubbly.

Check out the official video for more info on the weekend, and head over to

How amazeballs is it that the fashion industry is finally branching out a bit and celebrating plus size design too? Tres cool, we reckon.

Will you be checking out Plus Size Fashion Weekend?

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