Golden Globes 2013: Red Carpet FASH OFF with Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and more...

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Stars like Taylor Swift, Megan Fox and Anne Hathaway all turned up to the Golden Globes in super amazing dresses last night. Convenient, as one of our favourite things to do is judge celebrities for their super stunning fashion choices whilst we’re lying around in a onesie and wondering if we’ve got any leggings left that don’t have holes in.

There’s loads of glamour dos and glamour don'ts for us to have a chat about and then make us throw a strop about our crap wardrobe offerings. Awesomez.

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jennifer lawrence

Starting with what we think is the best of the bunch, but maybe we’re just biased cause we are actually in LOVE (all in capitals, so its serious) with Jennifer Lawrence.

After her amazing black dress for the Critics’ Choice awards the other day, we were worried that she’d peaked for this season already but OH NO. Her red dress looked like something a Disney princess would be drawn into. DIVINE.

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jennifer lawrence

OH JESSICA ALBA. Not many people look amazing in the dress that’s the colour of an upstream swimming fish, but she does, obv. We’re not sure what that fury thing is in her hand though. Some kind of spray tanned guinea pig, possibly. #Sorrynotsorry.

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amanda seyfried

Amanda Seyfriend chose a milky cream sleeveless dress with a quirky neckline and lace panelling detail. We are obsessed with how amazing her hair looks, she looks like some kind of angel.

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway went for something a little bit different dressing entirely in white to create a monochrome look against her dark sweepy fringe. We’ve been trying to work out for about an hour whether its a top and skirt or an entire dress. Either way, she looks pretty happy about it.

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helena bonham carter

To be honest, we’d have been disappointed if Helena Bonham Carter wore anything vaguely normal looking, so her poofy black prom style dress with lace sleeves was just the right amount of gothic chic. Obviously she decided it wasn’t nearly crazy enough on its own so she chose that AMAZING lips clutch. Smoochies.


Adele scooped up the prize for ‘Best Original Song’ for Skyfall, and looked sophisticated in her black lacey number. She chose her signature beehive hair for a cute vintage feel and dramatic cat-like eyeliner. Smokin’.

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Can we all just stop and remember that JLo is FORTY FREAKIN THREE. That’s like mum age. And look at her. We just cannot.

lea michele

Lea Michele chose a slinky off white sequined dress with a cheeky slit up the leg for her red carpet look, paired with strappy shoes and chunky accessories. Big up the spray tan, hey Lea? Nearly the colour of Jessica Alba’s guinea pig.

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megan fox

Megan Fox stuck to the main trend of the evening in her nude fishtail gown, and contrasted it with her vampy dark red nails. Why does she always look so mean? WE LOVE YOU MEGAN, DONT GIVE US EVILS. Think it’s the eyebrows. Megan loves a scouse brow.

sienna miller

Sienna Miller looked a little bit like a nursery school had thrown up on her but in a good way, in her pastel coloured, textured, floral dress. Oh and look, its a weird one piece two piece thing like Anne Hathaway. Err, don’t really want to talk about this one too much really. It’s making us feel a bit queezy.

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taylor swift

Taylor Swift’s bazoomas were firmly behind closed fabric for a change last night, as she opted for this deep purple fishtail gown. Very nice but making us crave aubergine.

So there we go, Scapers. Who gets your vote for being best and worst dressed at the Golden Globes?

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