The Week's Worst Dressed: Rita Ora vs. Kim Kardashian

This week’s worst dressed features two women who have more bang tidy in their manicured little fingers than what we do ever. Aww. But sometimes they can make style choices that leave us saying, “HUH?” and doing weird things with our eyebrows. Hello Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian.

Rita Ora

Rita. Rita, Rita, Reeeeetah. What is this? Seriously, we don’t even know where to begin when it comes to describing this get up. All we’re going to say is that it looks very wipe-able, so feel free to spill away. Oh and that it’s horrible.

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Kim Kardashain

Kim K may be a bit irritating, but she is totally bodacious. So why oh why, Ms. Kardashian are you wearing a man’s suit? This look does nothing for Kim’s gorgeous figure, and just looks a bit frumpy and dull to be honest. Sozzaz Kimmerz.

So come on then, which gorgeous girl was let down by clothes the most?

What do you think?