New So...? dry shampoo range: beauty review

It’s that dreaded feeling – you wake up in the morning with no time to lather up your hair, and as you're about to leave the house realise that it's suddenly developed twice as much grease as there was yesterday. HOW?

Lucky for us unorganised individuals, perfume experts So…? have developed a new a new range of dry shampoos that come in 4 fragrances, and claim to help you get rid of that 'second-day hair' feeling. Well thank the hair gods. Of course, we had to try this saviour of a spray ourselves, and here's what we discovered:

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Caz: The amazing thing is the product leaves no white powder like other dry shampoos which prevents you   from having that awkward dandruff look.

Kate: The powder rubs in quickly and the 'soakage' seems to last all day. Also smells pretty fab (as you'd expect coming from a perfume company).


Caz: You have to use quite a lot for the results to actually be seen.

Kate: It worked - but it took a LOT of spraying, and it doesn't give as much volume as the Batiste products do.

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Overall verdict:

Caz: Smell-wise, they all hit the spot. However for better coverage I would stick to good ol' Batiste as it's more effective.

Kate: Great for inbetween washes and smells a lot nicer than other dry shampoos out there. If you're trying to cover up full-on grease you'll need to use a lot, and may be better off with another brand.

The So...? dry shampoo range is currently available at a cheap-as £1.49 (150ml) from Savers. BARGAIN.

Will you be trying these on-the-go shampoos? Let us know!

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