Rihanna gets a pixie crop and MASSIVE pout for new secret ad campaign

Rihanna, the bloody tease, has posted some behind the scenes pictures from a "top secret" ad campaign she was shooting over the weekend, showing our favourite rude gal with sleek, pixie cropped hair, dark eye make-up and a brighter than bright red pout.

rihanna photoshoot chanel charm necklace

Wearing nowt but a towel and a Chanel charm necklace (much like we can be seen sporting on the weekend, on the sofa watching Saturday Kitchen with an eggy bap), RiRi showed off some copper highlights in her barnet, and scarlet nails to match her lips.

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rihanna pouting ad campaign

Her highlights look a little blonde in this fairly extreme close-up, and we're a little jel of how Rihanna magaes to still look alluring when she's sticking her finger up her mouth.

We try it in the office and just look slightly "un-hinged".

What do you think of RiRi's behind the scenes snaps - any ideas what the campaign could be? She'll probably be naked in it, so that'll be something new...

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Images: Instagram

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