Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Anatomicals, Garnier & more in our BIG SPOT BUSTING REVIEW

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We've all had our skin issues - from the full blown breakout due to unstable hormones (you know what we mean) to that awful red pimple right before a date. Gahhh. Enough's enough, and we've hunted down the products that claim to be the best for our spots, and turned ourselves into human guinea pigs for our mutual benefit.


We've scrubbed at our faces, blotted our cheeks, and poked at our blotches, so all you need to do is take your pick and choose which one tickles your fancy.

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine - £4.49

Pros: The most striking thing about the product is how good it smells, in fact the tangerine and lime scent is so lovely that sometimes we end up going in for a second scrub and kind of want to eat it. Standard.

If shiny skin is your problem then Pore and Shine definitely lives up to its promise of leaving skin “mattified” straight after washing. The exfoliating beads do a great job at brightening your complexion without making your face feel like it’s been stripped.

Cons: While the face wash does combat oily skin and problem pores, if your skin is prone to spots or acne, it won’t be effective enough for you.

Overall verdict: Would definitely recommend this to a shiny faced friend. Not only is washing with Visibly Clear Pore and Shine a luxurious experience, like most Neutrogena products, it does what it promises. The natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin, and not a lot is needed per wash making it great value for money.

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Clean and Clear Deep Action Wash (Oil Free) - £3.75

Pros: A favourite with the Little Mix girls, this product goes on feeling light, cool and creamy leaving your skin feeling clean and tingling.

This deep action wash really does mean business and is great at wiping out nuisance zits and keeping them at bay. It’s oil free ,so if your face can look so shiny it’s reflective then this product combats that almost immediately.

Cons: Because of the “deep cleaning” and “action” nature of this wash, it doesn’t bother with adding any scents or perfumes to mix. While on one hand this is great and eliminates all the fake nasties that you can end up putting on your face, it does smell a little medicated.

Because there is no oil in the wash, we’d also recommend that those with dry skin steer clear of this one, because it does such a good job at getting rid of oil it’ll leave your skin feeling like a cornflake. No thank you.

Overall verdict: Clean and Clear really understand both teen skin and skin that is prone to spots and acne, and this wash is by far one of the best we’ve used to get rid of spots in a long time. Prone to oily skin, a few spots and with a pretty uneven skin tone at times, this wash combated all of these pretty much from the first use.

It's also been used it twice daily for almost two months and still have loads left, so can’t argue with that. 


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Garnier Pure Active with HerbaSoothe and Mineral Pigments 2in1 tinted spot roll on - £6.50

Pros: When you have a spot all you want to do is hide it from the world, but that usually means in covering it with thick makeup that ends up making it stick around longer. Garnier Pure and Active covers up but also contains ingredients to help speed up the spot’s disappearing process, the HerbaSoothe really does do a good job at taking the sting out of massive zits.

Cons: Despite using the roll on for fair skin, the colouring was still too dark and I’m not THAT fair (in fact I’m a little orange most days). It was also a little hard to blend in and I ended up getting more on the rest of my face rather than the spot itself.

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Overall verdict: I won’t be rushing to use this product again because I found the makeup element a little tricky, however it did get rid of my spots faster than what they would have gone without it.

Garnier Pure Active can also be used to cover up the red marks left from past spots, so if you have a few scars left on your face then this really does do a great job at covering those. 



Green People Oy! Organic Young Cover and Clear Spot It! - £6.00



oy cover and clear it

Pros: This formula is 89% organic and contains ingredients such as Hemp oil. Although this comes from the cannabis plant, worry not, this has no dodgy side effects apart from how quickly it’ll get rid of your nasty zits. The cover up blends well onto skin and lasts all day, so you don’t have to worry about a bright red monstrosity suddenly rearing its red / yellow head. Ugh.

Cons: There isn’t a lot of complaining I can do about this one, but if I had to have a moan, I’d say that it can be a bit messy to apply.

Overall verdict: Whether spots have taken a permanent residence on your face, or they’re just an occasional unwelcome visitor, I’d have this product in my beauty bag at all times. The cover up works a treat and the formula really does take no prisoners. Thank you from nose and chin.  




Anatomicals The Hottie Tottie is Never Spotty, Here Zitty Zitty Daily Face Scrub - £3

anatomicals hotty totty is never spotty

Pros: A nice consistency with a grain that's gentle enough for it to be used both morning and night. Also has a nice fruity, yoghurty smell which isn't too sweet. Doesn't leave skin feeling too tight or dry afterwards. Also the name is hilarious and makes me cackle every time.

Cons: Wouldn't say its hugely effective for tackling spots, but a good product if you're after a scrub to use in your routine anyway to generally brighten and leave a glowy complexion

Overall verdict: Thumbs up for being a generally nice scrub but not necessarily for spot treatment. 




Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment Gel - £4.59

Pros: Really liked this stuff. Claims to be able to reduce spots after four hours and found it to be quite effective for reducing redness and soreness. If you're having a particularly bad skin day this one's good for mixing with a dollop of moisturiser and putting a light layer across the whole face for a makeshift overnight facemask. Also really practical and easy squeezy packaging.

Cons: Don't really have any, wahey.

Overall verdict: Lovely stuff.



Tisserand Tea Tree Blemish Stick- £4.50




Pros: Good for calming aggravated blemishes. Quite a multi use product, good for calming skin after tweezing or waxing eg. eyebrows too.

Cons: Didn't really find it that effective as a spot treatment apart from having a cooling sensation which would help with any painful spots. But tea tree is still worth having in your skincare arsenal for all the other good stuff it does.

Overall verdict: I'd chose the Clean and Clear cleansing lotion over this one, but the tea tree still has its benefits.




Neutrogena Visiibly Clear spot stress control 3–in-1 daily cleansing lotion - £3.99

Pros: Left skin feeling super soft, and very clean! Didn't have the stingy feeling of some cleansers either, and didn't leave face feeling all dry and stretchy like some tend to do. After using for a week, hadn't noticed any new spots crop up either, so seemed to be working.

Cons: Smells a bit medical.

Overall Verdict: Does what it says on the tin, would definately recommend it.

And that's a wrap? Which ones will you be using? Let us know!

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