Elle Fanning's white outfit and bright makeup at the Santa Barbara Film Festival: Trend or tragic?

When Elle Fanning makes some crazy fashion choices, we kind of let her off, 'cause when you’re fourteen years old and also one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars, it must be hard to find the style balance between ‘I'm angelically beautiful and talented’ and ‘I still need a bit of sexy fashion somethin’.

At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival yesterday, her outfit left us thinking ‘Eh? Do we like this or not?’ *raises eyebrow*

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Elle Fanning

Elle Belle, who was being praised for her appearance in the movie Ginger and Rosa, wore a mini-length textured white dress sinched in at the waist with a skinny white belt. All very lovely and ethereal. ‘Til you scroll down and see the boots.

WOAH NOW. Just what are they trying to achieve, exactly.

Whilst we love her quirkiness and her fashion independence, we do wonder why Elle seems to like her crazy footwear so much. Remember those square things she wore to the Breaking Dawn premiere?

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Elle Fanning

ANYWAY back to the white clobber. She teamed her ensemble with the brightest green eye makeup we ever did see, a red toned lip stain, and a set of superb eyebrows. Good lass. Doesn't she just look like the cutest li'l sugarlump?

Elle Fanning

What do you think of Ella’s red carpet look this time? Savvy or sucky?

What is going on with Elle Fanning's geisha style shoes?

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