Top make-up tips for glasses wearers: make the most of your frames

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Anyone who wears glasses will know what a NIGHTMARE it is to pick out frames that you a) like and b) don’t make you look like aunty Muriel.

What you may not realize is that your make-up can make all the difference when it comes to looking your best in specs.

We popped down to the launch of Orla Kiely's new range of frames for Boots opticians recently (they’re all 50s and 60s inspired – ooh) and in between scoffing free food and trying on all the awesome specs, managed to get some top pointers from No.7 make up guru Debbie Booth.

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orla kiely glasses

1. The latest make up trend is your friend. Oh, that rhymed.

“A neon lip is really in right now,” says Debbie. “This really suits glasses wearers, because your frames tend to be making a statement in the eye area anyway, so you can go for a really bright colour with out worrying that the upper half of your face will look washed out”.

2. Keep your line low

“Glasses wearers – especially those with thick frames – should apply eyeliner to the lower lash line rather than the top, as your glasses can hide your upper lid,” advises Debbie. “You can just as easily make a statement by lining your lower lashes, and it’ll make your eyes pop a lot more.

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"Try a coloured liner like No.7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eye Pencil in blue if you’re feeling bold!”

3. Think waterproof

You may think that waterproof mascara is only for those ‘easy-criers’ among us (come on, we all know someone who blubs on cue) but actually, it’s a god send for the glasses wearer too.

“If you use a lengthening mascara, you’ll often find that your eyelashes hit the lens of your glasses, which is annoying and leaves an oily residue,” explains Debbie. “Instead, curl your lashes so they still look long, but face away from the lens, and slick on waterproof mascara that won’t smudge on the inside of your glasses”

orla keily make up range for glasses

4. It’s all in the brow

“Highlighting your eyebrows is so important when you wear specs,” says Debbie. “The frames draw attention to your browline, so make sure they’re well shaped, and use a luminous highlighter to create a beautiful arch above the glasses.”

5. Banish dark shadows

“Concealer is also a must when you wear glasses, as frames naturally create a shadow under the eyes,” warns Debbie. “Combat this by applying a lightweight product like No.7 instant radiance concealer underneath your lower lid, and blend towards your nose.”

Now, before you run off to start trying out these pointers – just HOLD UP ONE SECOND, because we also had a chinwag with Boots optician Carolyn Norman – who explained that it’s important to get the right shape of frames for your face before you even think about make up.

“Basically, you want to choose a frame that is the opposite of your face shape,” she told us. “If you have a square face, square frames will only accentuate this – so go for a rounder frame.

“In the same way, if you have a round face – pick a squarer pair of glasses.”

What do you think – will you be taking any of these tips on board?

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