Every time we wash our hair, we enter into some kind of wrestling match with the hair dryer and a round brush in a pathetic attempt to do a professional blow dry. After about ten minutes we give up and end up blasting it dry and putting it in a pony tail. Sigh.

But seeing these pics of Amanda Seyfriend at the Berlin International Film Festival has made us DETERMINED to get shiny, swooshy hair.

Amanda Seyfried

To promote her new film Lovelace (yep, the one where she plays a porno lady), Amanda rocked the film festival in a stunning yet simple red dress with a drop hem, which she paired with dressed down black tights and simple black boots. Effortless chic, what a shexy babe.

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But it’s her covetable hair that really made us well jeal. We want to plait it and brush it and stroke it for lengthy periods of time. And then ask her what we have to do to make ours look like that and slightly less like we fell down a well on the way to work.

amanda seyfried

All you hair gurus will know that the general rules of blow drying are to blast your hair 50% dry with your head tipped upside down to add volume, then to curl the bottom section up around the barrel of the round brush and dry for 5 seconds, so that when you release it, it should have a slight curl and bounce to the end.

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But we still need some practice as ours is usually more Styles just woken up than Seyfried on the red carpet.

Let's ask Cheryl, queen of bouncy hair for some more advice, shall we?


Have you got any hair tips to share with us? And are you liking Amanda’s lovely locks?

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