Mila Kunis is the new face of Gemfields jewellery - pic

Mila Kunis is adding to her Family Guy / That 70s Show / Black Swan themed CV with a new venture into what we’re pretty sure is called “ads and that,” by signing a deal as the new ‘brand ambassador’ for jewellery brand Gemfields.

mila kunis face of gemfields

Mila is said to have been chosen “for her natural beauty, versatility, intelligence and love of rare coloured gems.”

Gemfields (which we’d never heard of either, so already it’s all going to plan) is apparently the world’s leading provider of gemstones, and took ol’ Mila along to their gemstone mines in Zambia, where she got to see all the jewellery hunting and ethical mining for herself.

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mila kunis oz great and powerful

“While in Africa, I learned that the entire journey that each Gemfields stone takes is carefully considered and that the environment and the local communities where its mines are located are held in the highest regard,” she said.

“I absolutely have fallen in love with the rarity, beauty and history of emeralds.”

This all ties in pretty nicely with Mila’s role in upcoming release Oz the Great and Powerful and the whole ‘Emerald City thing’ that’s going on there, doesn’t it? Although if it were us we’d be far keener to be the face of Yazoo. Or Gregg’s. Or Haribo. Or Nandos’. Or… you get the idea.

What do you think of Mila’s campaign?

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Images: Gemfields / Disney


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