Rita Ora's silver trousers and amazing floral necklace at Nick Grimshaw's pre-Brits 2013 party - love or loathe?

Rita Ora’s fashion choices have more ups and downs than a hilly road in Snowdon, and the outfit she wore to Nick Grimshaw’s pre-Brits 2013 party in Hix restaurant last night took us in two directions (shame it wasn’t just the one direction, AHAHA).

rita ora nick grimshaw pre brits party

First of all, we are LOVING the gigantic floral necklace. It looks like it weighed a tonne, but hopefully it’s all plastic from Brick Lane Market and she’s not given her neck any kind of strain or jewellery related injury.

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The silver trousers, we can definitely get on board with. Perhaps with a matching silver jacket they’d be a bit much, but with a simple black tee and the giant necklace of dreams, Rita would have us clapping in our seats if we weren’t so busy typing about her.

rita ora pre brits party 2013

It’s just the coat we’re not too convinced by. Hopefully it’s not a real bushy-tailed monster-squirrel that’s been chopped up to provide cushioning for a nice sleep in the taxi home – but even so, not massive fans.

BUT WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT LIFE? It’s your opinion we’re interested in, so let us know; are you loving or loathing?

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