Cara Delevingne has a pouty bath on the cover of LOVE magazine

Cara Delevingne is on the cover of this month's LOVE magazine, just casually lounging in the bath after a stressful day, naked and soapy with an episode of Girls on, sorting out her cracked heels and applying a face-pack like the rest of us.

cara delevingne love magazine


This second cover of LOVE 9 is on sale from today. Previously, Cara's told the magazine how she was approached to be in the TV series Made In Chelsea, but decided to stay WELL clear (probably for the best, we'd much rather see her hopping around town with Harry Styles than with Spencer bloody Matthews thanks very much).

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"It’s something I want to be as far away as possible from," she said. "I know one of the boys who used to be in it, Hugo. He went to Harrow with my sister and that’s the only contact. I see them now running around at parties but my whole opinion of that is, uh…"

cara delevingne love magazine

Cara also told LOVE her most serious and excellent modelling tip, on how to pose for the camera: "You have to look at that camera like you want to f*ck it. Basically. I’ve only learnt by watching other girls do it, I’d have no idea otherwise."

*Eyes up selfie-cam on iPhone....*

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Images: LOVE Facebook

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